Setting Up an RV RAID to Bring All Your Data Along Safely

When we moved into the Airstream, we had to leave all our books, CDs, DVDs, files, and photographs behind–at least in physical form. As part of closing down the house, we digitized everything we could before putting it all into storage. Now, instead of bringing along several tons of physical media we were bringing along […]


Our First Tow, or There and Back Again

We successfully moved the Airstream ourselves for the first time last week. We’ve been making a list of minor items we’ve noticed since taking delivery of the trailer a couple months ago, and finally made an appointment to get a lot of them taken care of in one fell swoop down at Airstream Adventures Northwest. […]

Double Double Dominoes--My First Family Board Game!

Double Double Dominoes, Dark Knights, and DC Adventures

We’ve been talking a lot on RVLancing about our new RV and living in it, but we haven’t talked much about the other half of our site’s name–the freelancing!┬áMelissa is working hard coding some exciting new projects that I hope I can get her to talk about soon, but in the meantime the curtains are […]


Airstream as Sickbed

The universe is working overtime to make sure we get to experience all possible facets of RV life in as short a time period as possible. The end of last week saw Seth and I both getting quite sick, with high fevers. I kept my fever until Tuesday, and am still working on getting rid […]


Our New Truck

We are now the proud owners of a 2012 Ford F-250 and able to tow our Airstream ourselves! (once we get a ball hitch this afternoon.) 6.2L gas, 4×2, Super Cab F-250 — more in a later post on why we chose those specs, as it was all very deliberate choices based on a lot […]


One Car Sold

This update is actually a little late, life intervened and I never got this blog post made. So just pretend it’s a week ago, last Tuesday, when you are reading this and no one has to be the wiser about my delay! We are becoming a one-car family for the first time, switching from a […]


Backyard Birds

Each morning we get a flock of these birds digging in the dirt behind our Airstream. They’re hard to catch in a picture because they are flipping up the needles and dead leaves so vigorously. I’m terrible at identifying birds, but I’d love it if someone who knew western birds could tell us what they […]


First Crisis Conquered

At 9pm on Wednesday night, power suddenly cut out to the entire trailer. The full story is below for those curious about the details, but the summary is: the transfer switch at the front of the RV had died, and it was 1.5 hours of work for them to switch it out. Unfortunately while we […]


Staying Warm in the Airstream

When cold weather comes, you need to be able to stay warm — even Seattle, with its mild climate, gets chilly. Airstreams come with two heating options: a furnace (gas-powered) and a heat pump (electric via the air conditioner.) One of the complaints we read about the heat pump is that it’s loud, so I […]


First Week in the Airstream

This is the view from my ‘office’: the dinette at the back of the Airstream. Very relaxing when working! We’ve finished our first week in the Airstream: we’ve both showered, cooked, slept, and lived with another person in 188 square feet. And it’s done nothing but validate that this was the right thing for us […]